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Holistic Health: What you can really get out of meditation

Elaine Retholtz, my MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) course instructor, shared this clever video short from Headspace.  In mere seconds it explains the practice of meditation and what you can really get out of meditating and being mindful.

It is, I presume, a free sample or promotion for their products–various apps and mindfulness training programs (some of which are free) led by Andy Puddicombe, author of Get Some Headspace. I can’t say for sure how useful the products are, but judging from this clip, Headspace seems kind of amazing.

New Natural Sleep Aid


Here’s the next big nightcap: Tart cherry juice cordials. A new study published in the European Journal of Nutrition says two glasses a day could add up to 40 minutes more sleep.  You can learn more on Pill Advised.  Sweet dreams!

Holistic Health: Real stress relief

How do you really spell relief? M-B-S-R. Mindfulness-based stress-reduction. A new review of 26 studies proves what Jon Kabat-Zinn told us years ago: the meditation program can help reduce and improve your mental and physical reactions to stress and invite more joy into your day to day life.

A new Campbell systematic review shows that MBSR programs not only relieves stress and provides people with coping tools, the meditation course can actually result in better mental health, improved social functioning and better overall quality of life…(read more).

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Shit Crunchy-Green-Natural, Eco-Moms Say

Too funny!  Why wouldn’t you eat your placenta?

Passive Weight Loss Strategies for 2012

I’m a fan of Manuel Villacorta, RD, so I’m so especially pleased to see his smart de-stress story headlining HuffPo. Find time to read Eat, Sleep, Breathe: Passive Weight Loss Strategies for 2012 before the end of the holiday weekend. Its bound to make your re-entry into real life much smoother.

Holistic Health: Lame Story Alert! NYTimes Sleep Story Fails Women

The health editor in me hates this!  Today’s New York Times features a story about sleep–a crucial part of overall wellness and wellbeing–on the fashion pages.  Even worse:  It gives the story zero medical context.  Why not just say that women’s sleep problems are all in their heads?

I’d like to see a NYTimes worthy story that discusses the biochemical and hormonal changes related to perimenopause that contribute to sleep issues in women –not just a sensational “society won’t let us rest” lament.

Note to Pamela Paul and the Times editors:  You can do better than this.


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